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I want to stop yahoo yahoo
« on: January 01, 2015, 06:50:25 PM »
Hi everyone. I read a story about one Tunji guy on this forum & for the first time in a very long time i cried after reading it. My name is Wole, I live in Pta & I do yahoo to feed myself & pay my houserent. Pls dont judge me o. I am sharing my story because i want help to stop yahoo. I have tried to stop many many times but i always go back when i get broke.

My dream was to be a computer engineer, all my SS3 teachers always told me i was a brilliant student. I am still good at maths and i always wonder what could have happened if i finished by university degree.

I started doing yahoo when i was working at a cyber cafe in Lagos. i was tempted by my friends driving big big cars & i wanted to be wearing designer clothes back then. I have been doing yahoo since i left secondary school which is about 8 years and it is addictive o, its like being on mad drug. You can stop today & start again next month.

i know that yahoo is not good for my future so i want to stop. My freinds are now doing yahoo plus because mugus are now aware of yahoo. i dont want to do juju & bring curse on myself thats why i am asking for help.

If there's someone who has managed to stop yahoo in this forum please help me to stop. i think its only someone who did yahoo & manage to stop who can understand what i am talking about.

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Re: I want to stop yahoo yahoo
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2015, 03:57:12 PM »
if u go back to yahoo bcause you no get money then make u go get a job or start a business na!

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Re: I want to stop yahoo yahoo
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2015, 07:25:14 PM »

If there's someone who has managed to stop yahoo in this forum please help me to stop. i think its only someone who did yahoo & manage to stop who can understand what i am talking about.

Hi WoleK,
I personally do not know of any reformed Yahoo boys who can help but I can suggest a few ways of making money legitimately online.

Here is my top ways to make money online
1. Become a freelancer online - I suggest any of the following websites oDesk, Freelancer, Elance, Guru. I have worked on oDesk and I have also hired people to work for me on oDesk and Elance.

You need to identify what you are good at or what you would like to do, examples of jobs you find on oDesk include (i) email response, (ii) blogging, (iii) content writing, (iv) web development, (v) graphic design, (vi) virtual assistant, (vii) article writing, (viii) photography and much more. You will find something that is easy enough to do.
Get yourself addicted to oDesk by building your profile.
In order to succeed on oDesk you need to make your profile impressive, apply for as many jobs as possible and take as many tests as possible (oDesk has many tests such as English tests, spelling tests, grammar tests, email etiquette tests, writing tests, sales tests etc. & the more tests you take the more job applications you receive).
There are many Nigerians who work on oDesk and there are many Nigerians who hire on oDesk. The great thing about these freelancing websites is that they are global, you can work for anyone around the world and you get paid in dollars.

oDesk is completely free, all you need is a Paypal account to receive your money. You can get a Paypal account via FNB online (you don't need to be an FNB customer).
Being a free

If you need help, training on these freelance websites or any other information contact me via the forum.

2.  Start your own blog or website (free or self-hosted)
If you have a topic you like talking about or that you would be great at writing about then create a free blog via Google Blogspot {p.s: this how Linda Ikeji makes millions if not billions of Naira every month}
Shy away from using because it does not allow you to monetarize your blog.

After registering your blog on blogspot (e.g. Wole's Blog| The iPhone specialist) build your audience and make sure you post daily so that Google can allow you to monetarize your blog via Adsense.

Make sure you tell as many people about your blog as possible so that it can gain popularity. Write about things that your readers want to read and interact with them as far as possible. Grow your SEO ranking by using social media to publicize your blog e.g. via Facebook and Twitter.

When you have about 10 blog posts (articles) then simply apply for Google Adsense.

You will get paid each time your readers click on your ads.
Adsense is not the only way to monetarize your website - you can also use other PPC websites such as Chitika and (a Yahoo PPC program).
You can also use affiliate programs or sell Ad space yourself by approaching companies to advertise on your website.

If you are going to approach companies to advertise on your website make sure that you register for Google analytics so that you can keep track of how many people visit your site.

If you want a self-hosted blog/website then you will need to register a domain e.g. or - you can do this via Web Africa, Go Daddy or any other domain registering company

Once again if you need help with any of these kindly let me now and we can organise periodical training sessions face to face or via Skype.

3. Use Fiverr
Fiverr is similar to oDesk except on Fiverr you get paid $5 dollars for doing just about anything. Some of which are very random, e.g. someone might ask you to prank call their friend in return for $5 payment.
I personally haven't used Fiverr but I've heard great things about it.

4. Write an ebook and sell it online
If you are a good writer or have an idea for a book that would be popular then write the book and publish it on Amazon for free then watch on as people buy your book.

5. If you have good luck with competitions then use Just Play
Just Play is a South African competitions website, the more competitions you enter the more you win.
I wouldn't really count this as a sustainable way to make money but its worth a try.

Here is a bonus tip:
6. Make money from reviewing music online via Slice The Pie. This is ideal if you have an ear for the next best song and you love music. You get paid for every song you review.

I hope this helps, if you need help with any of my suggestions kindly contact me via the forum.

I blog about more ways to make money online very soon. Keep your eyes glued to the forum blog.
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Re: I want to stop yahoo yahoo
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2015, 07:22:55 AM »
Nice tips girl but I think it takes someone who is very serious about stopping yahoo yahoo and much patience to stop yahoo.

Here is my advice,
1, Find God and ask God for help and strength then enter into a covenant with the Almighty God. Ask God that if He helps you overcome this evil you will do something great for Him.

2, Get new friends altogether or avoid your yahoo friends altogether and surround yourself with people who are making an honest living. People who inspire you, like older bros (preferably those with a family to support - they tend to be more level headed and responsible). Learn what you can from them so that your mind can shift away from yahoo mode.

3, Delete all the mugu's contacts, credit card information etc., this is a sign that you are ready to stop.

4, Replace yahoo with a decent and honest way of making money online, like Ofentse O's suggestions above.

5, Watch inspirational videos of Nigerians who are doing great things but started with nothing.

No one is born evil, I know that all you need God's direction and you will come alright. So if you are reading this and you need help please contact me, I won't judge.

In my honest opinion, there needs to be a REHAB for people who need to stop yahoo, the same way there is a rehab for people addicted to drugs, alcohol and such.

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Re: I want to stop yahoo yahoo
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